Review Copy Available: C.M. Taylor’s City of O

ARB regularly posts updates about review copies—print and digital—received by the editors and available for review. We receive this as a result of editor-direct outreach to presses to inquire about specific books and topics, as well as via our page describing review copy policy, available here.

ARB has been offered a review copy of C.M. Taylor‘s psychological fantasy, absurdist satire, and prescient dystopia, City of O, from the award-winning indie press Retreat West.

If you are interested in reviewing this book for ARB please reach out to the editors to express your interest.

From the publisher:

‘A magnificent novel… A satire of quite astonishing originality…’
– British Science Fiction Association

A unique dystopia, a remarkable psychological fantasy, an absurdist satire, City of O is republished for the first time since 2005 in this totally new edition.

Arriving orphaned in the City of O, traumatised Juan enters a corrupting world of whimsical plastic surgery, bespoke narcotics and berserk tech-sex.

He ascends the social hierarchy, gaining money and power until the city thrills to his every move — but he’s falling apart and perhaps only the picaresque troupe of troubadours adventuring comically across the desert to find him can help.

About the author:

C.M. Taylor is the author of six novels and is the co-writer of a feature film. C.M. Taylor teaches creative writing and screenwriting widely on writers’ retreats and at writing festivals. He has a particular interest in born-digital literature, the history and function of narrative, and the grammar of narrative forms.

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