Join the ARB Editorial Team

The Ancillary Review of Books is published by a volunteer editorial collective, and we are looking for new members! We welcome anyone with an interest in promoting critical writing about genre fiction, world literature, literature and media from below, cultural studies, and writing about systemic injustices and utopian impulses.

Who Should Join?

Ancillary welcomes editorial applicants from any area or level of traditional or non-traditional academia, independent scholars, publishing professionals, and writerly fans of all types. We are not an academic journal, and seek to bring radical, insightful writing to a diverse audience. The only requirements are:

  • Some experience or skill at editing: working directly with authors, providing feedback to improve their writing. We accept pitches from writers of very different backgrounds, and need editors who can meet writers where they are.
  • Interest in Ancillary’s larger mission: critical writing about utopian impulses, speculative and and popular media, and questions of systemic justice.
  • The ability to work collectively: we are a pretty fluid and flexible team, discussing pitches and redistributing project load as we go. We communicate mostly using Slack, and do most of our document management through Google Workspace.

At Ancillary, we strive for honesty and transparency about our time and energy capacities—for both our contributors and editorial team. Whether you can edit one article a week or one article a year, if you’re interested in Ancillary’s project, we’re likely interested in you.


Currently, the entire editorial team shares most of the behind-the-scenes work, but we’re open to having members specialize in one area as we add more people to the team:

  • Article Editor
    Article Editors work directly with an author: making sure they get a review copy if needed, and providing feedback on their drafts. Article Editors are the backbone of ARB, and shape how it all works.
  • Copyeditor/Proofreader
    After the Article Editor is done working with our authors on their pieces, the Copyeditors go over the draft for typos and readability.
  • Social Media Manager/Contributor
    We would love some help keeping our social media accounts active and relevant; we’re mostly active on Twitter, but have some presence elsewhere.
  • Support Material Contributor/Facilitator
    We are hoping to have some editors who help collect and contribute supporting material for the site: recommended reading lists, calls for works to review, round-ups of CFPs and conference/convention news, and contributing or seeking out more ARB Guides.
  • Website Maintenance/Publishing
    ARB publishes via WordPress; anyone with some basic tech skills (a tiny smidge of graphic design doesn’t hurt) is welcome to help us prepare the final drafts for web publication.
  • Administrative/Accounting Support
    We’re hoping to grow ARB in the coming years, which will require some folks contributing to the bureaucratic side of the project.

Contact Us!

If you are interested in joining the ARB editorial collective, please fill out this form.